Please help our families in need

Over the past few months, as the events surrounding the Covid-19 Pandemic have unfolded, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of families reaching out to the College for financial assistance. Families faced with the stress and anxiety over the loss of incomes, jobs and businesses- and deep concerns for their children’s ongoing education at Moriah College.

We now have over 140 families who have asked for help.

Many of these families have contacted us to seek assistance for the very first time, as they find themselves in situations that they never imagined. The level of requests is quite simply unprecedented and servicing these requests is having a direct and profound impact on the short-term cash position of the College as well as quite possibly on our long-term financial viability.

We are inviting you to be part of our Moriah Response 2020- No family left behind.

Through this campaign we hope to raise the vital funds needed to help our Moriah families and to ensure the ongoing sustainability of our school. Moriah College serves as one of the key pillars of Jewish Life for our extended Jewish community. Our ability to assist families in need while securing our long-term viability is the right thing to do. It is so important, and your support is critical now.

Our family needs your family.

If you would like any further information,
please contact our Foundation Director, Doron Lazarus on:

“Judaism is about learning. Education counts for more in the long run than wealth or power or privilege. Those who know, grow.”
— Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks